Homemade Dog Food Recipes – Best Dog Food for Your Best Friend

Let’s face it… unless you physically make your dogs food, you’re not going to know whats in it. I’ve heard horror stories about what is actually in dog food, but it wasn’t until our dog was injured and had to go on a weight control diet that I actually took a closer look at the food that we were feeding her. I was lucky to come across this eBook, after downloading and reading it, we changed Roxy’s diet and immediately notice increased energy, better skin (she was always itchy), and much less stiffness after long hikes.

After looking into options and talking to a couple veterinarians, my wife and I decided that our best option would be to start making our own dog food for our pets. This was the best decision that we had ever made. There are many benefits, but here are just a few that we’ve realized:

  • About a 50% savings in dog food cost
  • Increased energy
  • Healthier coat
  • Both of our dogs are now down to their optimal weight

If you’re at all interested in homemade food for your dog, I’d definitely recommend this book of over 200 recipes – Health Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes.

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  1. says

    My dog just tore his ACL and when we took X-RAYS he has really severe hip dysplasia for a two year old. There are going to have to be many changes made for him considering his situation. This website gave me very good insight on what have worked for others and what we should do for ours. Thank you.

  2. says

    Hi Samantha –

    Sorry to hear about your dog. We’d love to hear updates from you! Its always tough to hear that your dog has a genetic problem like hip dysplasia… especially at such a young age. Our dog had minor hip dysplasia in addition to having a torn CCL, but I can say with certainty that a change in diet has helped her tremendously. She used to get very stiff and have a hard time walking the day following a walk, and now, she has no problems the following day.

    Best of luck to you and your dog.

  3. Homemade Dog Food says

    Hi Kenneth… I’m a huge fan of the Healthy Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes ebook you mentioned in this article. And I would encourage all dog owners to get their hands on a copy, but in particular owners of dogs who often experience diarrhoea or excessive flatulence – these symptoms are commonly caused by allergies to the fillers in commercial dog foods.

    A homemade dog food diet really is the best option for keeping your dog in optimum health and it’s important to use nutritionally balanced dog food recipes (like the ones in Healthy Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes)to make it.

  4. dave,sandra\lucy loo says

    have you ever heard of carving out the lower part of the leg to create a better seating spot for the upper thigh bone this is what our vet/doctor want’s to do on our lucy loo in the next two days.feed back please

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