Some Exciting Enhancements to Our Site

We’re excited to introduce some new and improved features that have recently been added to our site that we hope will benefit our users in sharing information and finding answers to their problems. First, we’ve added a better way to Share Your Story – and we hope that users will use this feature. We’ve had great feedback from members who have read others stories.

The next exciting feature is the addition of “threaded comments”. You can now Reply to individual comments and members by clicking the reply button inside each comment. Or you can post your own comment as always. On thing we’d like some feedback on however is the actual display of the comments.

Should we:

  • Continue to display all comments on the page > Oldest to Newest
  • Break the comments out into pages > Oldest to Newest
  • Reverse the order of the comments > Newest to Oldest

I personally prefer Oldest to Newest style so that you can “read with the flow” of the conversation, but I’m very open to suggestions. Please send us your feedback, or leave a comment below!

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