Treatment and Recovery of Torn Knee Ligament in Doberman Pinschers

The following story comes from Jan in the United Kingdom. Though most of our readers are from the United States, I thought that it’d be great to offer information for those readers who are overseas and Jan agreed to share her story about her Doberman named Fiel. I hope that all of you all find Jan’s story helpful (this will be released in 3 parts). You can read Part I … [Read more...]

The Best Supplements for Dogs with Knee & Hip Problems

Dog Diet Supplements

Treating dogs that have knee and hip problems can be very costly. Prescription medications aren't always available for our pets due to cost, trouble getting a prescription written by a vet, and many times we don't even know that particular prescription medications are available unless our veterinarian specifically recommends them. As humans, we use supplements all the time to … [Read more...]

Diagnosis – How We Determined Our Dog Had A Torn/Ruptured Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL)

As with ACL tears in humans, CCL tears in dogs can be sudden and very noticeable, or they can develop slowly over time. When a person injures their knee and suffers a torn ACL, it is normally going to be very painful and the joint will feel very unstable and in most cases, will not be able to be used. The same will hold true for dogs when they injure their CCL. When our dog … [Read more...]

Canine Knee Surgery on Both Knees at the Same Time

When your dog tears its cranial cruciate ligament, that is bad news in itself, but what do you do when your dog ruptures both CCLs at the same time? How do you care for the dog? How do you decide what type of surgery to treat it? How do you afford it? Do you have the surgical procedure on both legs at the same time, or do you do one knee, let it recover, then do the other knee? … [Read more...]

Dog Knee Surgery Costs – Cost of Repairing a Torn Dog Knee Ligament

My Dog Can Fly

As a pet owner, one of the worst things that you could ever imagine happening is having your dog become injured to the point where it is painful for him/her to walk. When our dog tore her CCL (comparable to an ACL in humans) she couldn't put any pressure at all on her leg. It was terrible to see, especially considering the fact that she was always such an active dog prior to … [Read more...]