Dog Knee Infected After CCL Knee Surgery – Infection Caused by Surgical Hardware

The following story and questions came from reader Nina through our Contact Page. I haven't had any experience with these problems, so I'm hoping that some of our readers can help answer some of Nina's questions. My Boxer mix had tight rope surgery on his knee April 2010. I did all the slow rehabilitation like the vet requested. His knee still gave him problems and after … [Read more...]

Caring for Your Injured Pet Around the Holidays

Holiday Dog

The Holidays are a very busy time of year, for us, and for our pets. Many of us will tend to have people over to visit during The Holidays, and just like us, our pets also get excited to see new people. Whether you are preparing for, recovering from, or trying to conservatively manage a torn/ruptured cranial cruciate ligament, it is important to think of your pet first and … [Read more...]

The Use of Supplements for Conservative Management Rather Than Medications

Dog knee injuries are a tough issue to deal with, as we all want the best for our dog, but when it comes to dog knee surgery, not everyone can afford it. We all want the best for our pets, however the truth of the matter is that dog knee surgery is very expensive, and unless you have the money or a way to finance it, the surgical route will not always be an option. One of … [Read more...]

Conservative Management as a Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) Treatment Option

Though this wasn't our first choice when dealing with our dogs ruptured cranial cruciate ligament, Conservative Management (or Conservative Treatment) is a non-surgical option of CCL treatment that should be considered by all dog owners prior to surgery. Consider the human knee for example, you've all probably heard of torn or ruptured ACL's (meaning the ligament is entirely … [Read more...]