Cruciate Ligament Injury In Dogs – Cost & Repair Options

Cruciate¬† ligament injuries in dogs are very common among active breeds. As a dog owner who has gone through a cranial cruciate ligament injury with my pet, I know for certain that it is not an easy process to go through because we hate to see our pets in pain and it's also difficult financially because the cost of cranial cruciate ligament repair is not inexpensive. The … [Read more...]

Cost of Repairing a Torn ACL/CCL Injury in a Dogs Knee

Finding out that your dog has torn or ruptured its CCL (comparable to the ACL in humans) is some of the worst news that a dog owner can hear, and while the first thought that crosses our minds as dog owners is what do we need to do to make it better? The questions that comes right after that is usually, What is it going to cost to repair the torn ACL/CCL? The truth of the … [Read more...]