Our Golden Retriever Bailey and Repairing Both Knees at the Same Time

We have a 2 year old Golden that seems to have torn both CCL’s and on top of that, she has a grade 2 heart murmur. I’m collecting cost for surgery and was curious if anyone has had both knees done at the same time? She’ll have to be cleared before surgery with the heart problem, which we hope won’t be a issue. Anyway, just curious if anyone have had to get both knees done at the same time.



  1. laurie says

    I have an 8 year old choc lab who is requiring both knees done.
    just wondering if you went through with your surgery and how recovery is going??

  2. Eileen Baldwin says

    My 9 y.o. Chow/Border Collie mix, Jasmond… was brought in for a lame left rear leg after chasing a squirellabout 3 weeks ago only to find out not only was her left ACL almost blown but her right was even worse!…..how she was managing the Dr. said, she must have a high pain threshold. (Well, I don’t, I was devestated) Not only that, she apparently has hip dyplasysia is both hips, (no clue)I was crushed.This has all been in the making for quite some time, not something that happens overnite usually in older dogs….I noticed for the first time ever, that she was having trouble getting up on her hind legs about 3 weeks before the squirell chasing incident. I try like heck to get her to take Glucosime/and MSM like her 17 y.o. sister/buddy (Pom/Cairn Terrier Daisy) takes every day but NOOOOOO….she dosen’t even like the soft chews! Now, I just jam the caps down her throat!! It is a matter of survival, and keeping her comfortable the rest of her life. I can not afford all those operation’s so I will do the best I can with C.M. I have her on Novox 50mg 2x day, I really have a horrrible time with the fish oil caps the Doc said to give her, so I will get some smaller ones later, and am jamming down 2000mg of Glucosimine & MSM for the next couple of months, and then 1000mg should do….per instructed by the orthepedic surgeon of the Idaho Humane Society who saw Jazz….I am trying to keep my wild child under house arrest, and as calm as possible. I tie her to the shady tree in my front yard so she can be her gossipy self and not go anywhere, but feel like she’s not missing out tooo much. Thank G-d I am out of work right now, this is like a full time job, I swear….but I will do by utmost best for her because I love her beyond words….I wanted to brace her, but Doc did not agree, so I aquicesed to his expertise, and am taking it one day at a time. She is doing better, does not appear to be in any real pain, but must have her MEDS!! She is still running around the house a bit, backyard to frontdoor to lookout and put her 2cents in what’s going on in the neighborhood, because I cant stand to break her little doggie spirit…like the Dr. said…..they still have to be dogs……
    As an aside, when giving all these med’s….they REALLY UPSET puppy’s tummys!!!! You HAVE TO GET SOMETHING IN THEIR STOMACH’S BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM GLUCOSOMINE/MSM, PAIN MEDS, TRAMADOL. RIMADYL…ANYOFTHOSE!K? G-d bless us all, and our beloved babies…..luck to all (and Me)

    Eileen Baldwin
    Star, Idaho

  3. Kir says

    We’re facing the same thing with our 2.5 year old aussie mix. She has partial tears in both legs and the orthopedic specialist has recommended a bilateral TPLO. I went to our local canine rehabilitaton center to get their opinion and given her age and our dedication to doing everything we need to do to get her back to 100%, they also said they’d recommend the bilateral TPLO. I didn’t like the TPLO, I thought it was barbaric and too invasive but from what the rehab people have told me, it is a much better long-term solution than the traditional and the TTA surgeries (that they’ve seen). We’re still not sure if surgery is the right thing to do (she only limps for a few days once every few months and the doctor said there has been no change in the year we’ve done conservative management), but I think we’re leaning toward the bilateral surgery.. just still not sold. I’d love to hear if you went through with it, given our dogs’ similar ages

  4. Val says

    i have a 3 year old pit bull who needs both knees repaired. i had two evaluations to make sure that it was necessary. i knew i was in denial but couldn’t bear to imagine the trauma and cost of both surgeries. i decided on stem cell treatment for both knees but she will still need lateral suture (traditional) surgery on the worst one. I have heard wonderful things about stem cell, recovery time and outcome so i am excited. Still nervous about the above-orthopedic surgery but its not as bad as previous surgery recommendation that included a permanent metal brace and cutting into her bone and the expense was astronomical!
    Stem cell is less expensive too. Her surgery in April 24th so do wish me luck, and i will keep you updated!

  5. Dominique Herbig says

    Our active two year old Pitbull mix went in to the vet a few weeks ago with a slight limp, he found that her right cruciate ligament had torn and she needed surgery. After the Xrays he found the left ligament also fraying and suggested we do surgery in a few months (We opted for the Nylon thread technique.) Sammy duly went in for surgery and had a horrible reaction to one of the medications- she had to be pumped full of cortisone and came home all shaved with no operation. It was decided to leave it for a few weeks while we figure out the best way forward. However, a week ago, in a burst of energy, she ruptured the left (less serious) ligament and couldnt put any weight on it. She went in this morning for surgery on both legs- I am dreading both the surgery and the rehabilitation process when she comes home. Any tips on how to make her the most comfortable? She’s obviously going to be immobile…

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