Our Dog Memphis – Partial Tear 1 Year Ago

Memphis hurt his knee a little over one year ago. He was never fully lame and I didn’t take him to check it out at the vet for 3 months, thinking that it would for sure improve. I have had 3 vets tell me that he probably should have surgery but am not really sure. I am worried I waited too long, or that we have too many stairs for a good recovery, or that he might still get better. There have been weeks of definite improvement but ultimately I would say he had a bad knee. It seems like his hips are kind of weak these days too. He is a very happy playful guy and 4 years old and getting a little bit lazier. I genuinely don’t know what to do. Please help!


  1. Carol says

    I understand that you are thinking your dog has “improved” in recent days or months, but if his or her acl/ccl is torn I can explain that. Did you dog ever avoid putting weight on the injured leg? They will sometimes “tiptoe” on it and appear to be using it. Over time, scar tissue will develop around the injury causing it to “stiffen” up and appear stable. In fact, left untreated it will become immobile because it will freeze up on the dog. My dog just tore her acl/ccl last Thursday (4 days ago) and went in for the tplo surgery this afternoon. Granted, it was expensive ($2,400), but I don’t want her to be a 3-legged dog or end up with painful arthritis at half-life. If you can’t afford it that is one thing….but please don’t put it off if you are told be a vet that it is needed. If you are told the knee has “drawer-action”, you should really consider the surgery. You should be able to hold each knee and feel that for yourself if you know what you are doing.

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