Save Money On Pet Medications by Asking Your Veterinarian to Match an Online Price

When it comes to purchasing just about anything, you’re almost always able to find a better price online that you’d be able to find on the same product in a local store or from a big retailer. A large part of this reason is that online resellers aren’t having to carry and pay for the overhead cost of having a storefront. By leasing warehouse space rather than storefront or commercial real estate space, stores and their owners are potentially saving half of their monthly rent/lease payment. Online resellers typically don’t operate from a storefront or commercial space, they are typically operating from smaller warehouse spaces, thus they are saving large amounts of money on their rental and/or lease payments, and they are in-turn able to pass some of these savings onto their customers by offering the same products as large retailers at lower prices.

Your veterinarian may be able to match some online prices (if they sell the product that you’re looking for). Typically, veterinarians are going to sell items at full retail price, so if you find a lower price online and print it out and take it in, some vets might be willing to match the price in order not to miss out on the sale. It’s basically going to come down to their bottom line. Your vet might not sell large quantities (like an online retailer may), so they might not have the buying power of a large online retailer, meaning that a large online retailer gets product at 50% off, and the smaller local vet may only get product at 30% off. So in the example below, the vet wouldn’t even be able to offer the same price because they’d be losing money by making the sale.

For example, lets look at Frontline Plus flea and tick medicine for dogs – we’ll look at the 3 pack for dogs that are 45-88 pounds.

Here’s the same pricing info for the 6 pack:

Amazon offers the 6 pack of Frontline Plus at an approximate 35% discount.

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