Save Money by Ordering Pet Medications Online for a Dog Knee Injury

One of the most difficult things we faced with our dogs knee injury was that cost. Obviously, the cost of surgery was a huge burden, especially due to the fact that it came at a time that was unexpected, as most torn CCL’s and other knee injuries do. After the initial cost of surgery, we thorugh we were in the clear, but we hadn’t even taken into account the cost of medications after the surgery. Buying all of the pills and medicines for our dog directly from our veterinarian became very pricy. After doing a little research online, we found that there were plenty of online stores that offered the same medications at a fraction of the cost of what we were paying our veterinarian for the same medicine. This realy was a no-brainer for us – we needed to save money, so we decided that we’d start ordering the medications online.

Save MoneyCome to find out, pet medications are treated as controlled substances (just as drugs and medications are treated for you and I) – you need a prescription in order to place an order for pet medicines online. Now this is a slippery slope, and I’ll address this issue in a later blog post (How do you tell your vet that you want to buy your medications from another source). If you want to order your pet medications online, you’ll need to ask your veterinarian for a prescription, and as I mentioned before, that could put you in a tough place because the veterinarian obviously just performed a huge surgery on your pet then you (in a way) tell them that you want to go elsewhere.  There is a way to keep both parties happy, you’ll just need to use some creative thinking. I’ll explore that a little bit more in a later post.

Image by Darren Hester.

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