Dog Training Programs – A Well Behave Dog Is Less Prone to Injury

Our dog ruptured her CCL ligament when our 1 1/2 year old puppy ran into her full speed, so while she was recovering from her knee surgery, we began training our dog. We read tons of information online, joined a few membership sites and even downloaded a few ebooks, of all the options, these were our favorite sites:

  • Sit, Stay, Fetch – This proven program really allows you to take control of your relationship with your dog. Highly recommended.
  • Dog & Puppy Training – Training techniques by Dove Cresswell – Professional Hollywood Dog Trainer – Dog Trainer to the Stars! Great training techniques that are a lot more loving that those of Ceaser the Dog Whisperer! ;-) We love our dogs, so we like to show affection.

Image by Staff Sgt. James Selesnick.
I appreciate our armed forces and chose this picture (thought it may be inappropriate for this post).

Dog Training in Iraq

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