The Best Supplements for Dogs with Knee & Hip Problems

Dog Diet SupplementsTreating dogs that have knee and hip problems can be very costly. Prescription medications aren’t always available for our pets due to cost, trouble getting a prescription written by a vet, and many times we don’t even know that particular prescription medications are available unless our veterinarian specifically recommends them. As humans, we use supplements all the time to treat different symptoms we may have, whether it be melatonin which helps us regulate our sleep cycles, or something like creatine which helps our body build muscle by supplying more energy to our muscles.

Here is a list of supplements that I’ve used and/or had recommended to me by friends, family and readers of this site. If you have any suggestions that aren’t included on this list, please add it into the comments below.

  • Nupro Joint Support for Dogs
    This product is great because it contains both Glucosamine and MSM, both help with joint stiffness, and MSM has been shown to help with inflammation and some studies have showed it to reduce pain.
  • Cosequin DS Anti-Inflammatory
    Cosequin can be beneficial for dogs that have either knee or hip problems, or even both. Cosequin is known as an anti-inflammatory and many surgeons recommend that a dogs take this daily after knee surgery. Cosequin has manyy benefits and is recommended for any dogs with inflammation or joint pain. A 4-6 week period should typically be enough time for the owner to tell if there is an improvement in mobility.
  • Joint TreatsĀ® (60 Soft Chews)
    Healthy and beneficial for dogs of all ages. Can be used as treats or as daily supplements. I’ve heard of people using these supplements for dogs with hip dysplasia. These add the benefit of being considered a “treat”.
  • Salmon Oil
    Salmon oil can help with joint mobility in canine knees and hips, and has been shown to have healthy effects on dogs coats as well.
  • Flax Seed Oil
    Flax seed oil has been personally recommended to me by 2 different veterinarians to help us with our dogs skin during summertime. One of the main benefits of adding flax seed oil and other types of oils as a supplement is that it will help with the dogs skin and coat.
  • Traumeel Gel – 50gm Tube
    Traumeel is an external analgesic that is an anti-inflammatory. It’s a cream or rub that addresses inflammation and is commonly used in dogs, cats and horses. I haven’t personally used this product, but it has come highly recommended by many of our readers.
  • ARTHROPLEX for Canines (180 Capsules)
    Arthroplex serves multiple purposes, all of which will benefit dogs with knee problems, hip problems or arthritis. Arthroplex capsules contain Glucosamine Sulfate (225 mg), Green-Lipid Mussels (90 mg), DL-Phenylalanine (75mg), Boswellia Serrata Extract (35 mg), Bromelain (35 mg), Vitamin C (100 mg).

If you have any other product suggestions, supplements or otherwise, let me know and we’ll post them on here as well.

Photo by aluzano.


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      Marcy –

      Thank you for your recommendation. I still have yet to try these pills, but I think I’ll be getting them soon. Our dog is getting old and is starting to move slowly. I’m hoping these will help her out.

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    We recommend GlycoFlex III joint supplements for our orthopedic surgery patients. It’s an excellent product made by VetriScience, and comes in either tablets, or chews. Most dogs consider the chews a treat, so it’s very easy to get your dog to take.


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