Cost of TPLO Surgery – Cost to Repair Torn Cruciate Ligament in Dogs

Typical TPLO surgeries can cost anywhere in the range of $1,500 to $3,500, though I have heard some people say that they have been quoted all the way up to $4,500 for TPLO surgery. As with other surgical options, TPLO surgery cost can depend on the location that you live in, the size of the dog, the age of the dog etc.

The TPLO surgery procedure is a fairly invasive surgery that actually involves cutting the bone to change the angle at which the knee joint rests. Learn more about cranial cruciate ligament repair through TPLO.

Image by Jim Frazee.


  1. candice says

    My 4 yr old Bull Mastiff Dog has been just diagnosed with A CCL Injury; my search for more information is readily available which is comforting.
    I am very concerned, ultimately surgery would be the last option however I would hate to wait and have my dog suffer through it…
    Are there any organic options available?
    I live in the White Rock / South Surrey area, is there a reputable doctor who can advise on my situation?

    Your help is appreciated,

    604 512 8242

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