Dog Knee Surgery Costs – Cost of Repairing a Torn Dog Knee Ligament

My Dog Can Fly

As a pet owner, one of the worst things that you could ever imagine happening is having your dog become injured to the point where it is painful for him/her to walk. When our dog tore her CCL (comparable to an ACL in humans) she couldn't put any pressure at all on her leg. It was terrible to see, especially considering the fact that she was always such an active dog prior to … [Read more...]

Cruciate Ligament in Dogs, Canine Cranial Cruciate Ligament (Crucial)

The cranial cruciate ligament in dogs provides stability to the knee (stifle) joint. Any strain, tearing or rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament can, and will, result in knee (stifle) instability. A strained cranial cruciate ligament can, in many cases, be repaired or heal itself without surgery. Strains should be treated with conservative management. Tears and ruptures of … [Read more...]

Conservative Management as a Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) Treatment Option

Though this wasn't our first choice when dealing with our dogs ruptured cranial cruciate ligament, Conservative Management (or Conservative Treatment) is a non-surgical option of CCL treatment that should be considered by all dog owners prior to surgery. Consider the human knee for example, you've all probably heard of torn or ruptured ACL's (meaning the ligament is entirely … [Read more...]