Canine Cruciate Brace – Will a Knee Brace Help My Dog?

I've had many questions come through this site through both comments emails asking whether or not dog knee braces work for securing the stifle (knee) joint after a cruciate ligament tear. From a vetrinary standpoint, there are pros and cons to wearing the knee brace. Pros of using a dog knee brace: Huge savings in cost You obviously aren't going to put the dog under … [Read more...]

The Use of Supplements for Conservative Management Rather Than Medications

Dog knee injuries are a tough issue to deal with, as we all want the best for our dog, but when it comes to dog knee surgery, not everyone can afford it. We all want the best for our pets, however the truth of the matter is that dog knee surgery is very expensive, and unless you have the money or a way to finance it, the surgical route will not always be an option. One of … [Read more...]