Yellow Lab / Malamute TPLO Surgery (Luna)

My dog Luna, an 85 lb yellow lab/malamute mix (then 5 yrs old, now 6), was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis and specifically a torn cruciate ligament about a year ago. She was having trouble walking on her right leg and had extreme stiffness especially upon getting up from laying for any length of time. We spent a few months trying to rehab without surgery, going really … [Read more...]

Isabella Our Siberian Husky with a Torn/Ruptured CCL

My 8 yr old husky has been diagnosed w/ an ACL rupture and I am about to consult SouthPaws in Northern VA regarding surgery. I know they are not inexpensive but have not found any other facilities in the area that do the surgery. Does anyone know of other veterinary hospitals that do these repairs for a second opinion in the Northern Virginia area? … [Read more...]

Our Golden Retriever Bailey and Repairing Both Knees at the Same Time

We have a 2 year old Golden that seems to have torn both CCL's and on top of that, she has a grade 2 heart murmur. I'm collecting cost for surgery and was curious if anyone has had both knees done at the same time? She'll have to be cleared before surgery with the heart problem, which we hope won't be a issue. Anyway, just curious if anyone have had to get both knees done at … [Read more...]

Our Dog Memphis – Partial Tear 1 Year Ago


Memphis hurt his knee a little over one year ago. He was never fully lame and I didn't take him to check it out at the vet for 3 months, thinking that it would for sure improve. I have had 3 vets tell me that he probably should have surgery but am not really sure. I am worried I waited too long, or that we have too many stairs for a good recovery, or that he might still get … [Read more...]