Dog Knee Infected After CCL Knee Surgery – Infection Caused by Surgical Hardware

The following story and questions came from reader Nina through our Contact Page. I haven't had any experience with these problems, so I'm hoping that some of our readers can help answer some of Nina's questions. My Boxer mix had tight rope surgery on his knee April 2010. I did all the slow rehabilitation like the vet requested. His knee still gave him problems and after … [Read more...]

Some Exciting Enhancements to Our Site

We're excited to introduce some new and improved features that have recently been added to our site that we hope will benefit our users in sharing information and finding answers to their problems. First, we've added a better way to Share Your Story - and we hope that users will use this feature. We've had great feedback from members who have read others stories. The next … [Read more...]

Canine Cruciate Brace – Will a Knee Brace Help My Dog?

I've had many questions come through this site through both comments emails asking whether or not dog knee braces work for securing the stifle (knee) joint after a cruciate ligament tear. From a vetrinary standpoint, there are pros and cons to wearing the knee brace. Pros of using a dog knee brace: Huge savings in cost You obviously aren't going to put the dog under … [Read more...]

Cruciate Ligament Injury In Dogs – Cost & Repair Options

Cruciate  ligament injuries in dogs are very common among active breeds. As a dog owner who has gone through a cranial cruciate ligament injury with my pet, I know for certain that it is not an easy process to go through because we hate to see our pets in pain and it's also difficult financially because the cost of cranial cruciate ligament repair is not inexpensive. The … [Read more...]

Treatment and Recovery of Torn Knee Ligament in Doberman Pinschers

The following story comes from Jan in the United Kingdom. Though most of our readers are from the United States, I thought that it’d be great to offer information for those readers who are overseas and Jan agreed to share her story about her Doberman named Fiel. I hope that all of you all find Jan’s story helpful (this will be released in 3 parts). You can read Part I … [Read more...]